🌱Are you a higly sensitive person?


“We talk about High Sensitivity if a person has a thinner, more developed nervous system than most people. As a result, tends to saturate easily and needs time alone and in quiet places. He tends to detect more subtle environmental changes than others. They perceive smells and sounds with more intensity; get annoyed for being surrounded by too many people, have strong emotionality and empathic ability and high creative sensitivity”.

It’s not either you are highly sensitive or ice cold. There are many ways of being sensitive, but being highly sensitive also involves the fact of percieving enviromental changes easily, not just feelings and emotions.

Some noises hit me like so hard they make me almost ill, or some smells. It can be actually good sometimes, since I can detect things others can’t. For example, we changed the floor at home and the company that did it used a very toxic material. I smelled it, and felt something not right. Of course my family was like “ok, exaggerating as always”. Then, we googled it and… I was right! It is not that I have multiple chemical sensitivity, that’s another story. I just perceive things in a stronger way.

Never really tought of it until I became an adult. I always tought the way I feel the world is the usual way for everyone. But I felt quite different in many ways, and then, my Mom told me about this. Then, something clicked and the puzzle made sense at last.

Do you know anyone like this?


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