15-10-2021- Attic Studio

If you could just erase someone who had hurt you, even if you also erased the good memories, would you do it?
Sometimes it’s good to see inspiring films on cold days.
I recommend one I’ve just watched “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.


“You can forget what happened, but not how you felt”.-Quote from the movie.


These days we have decorated the attic with warm lights and other details, now it is very cosy and I am going to start painting there.
Do you like the result?

At first, I imagined this room full of life. I’d invite my friends over, put cushions on the floor to a small table and eat tea with biscuits. I would make appointments to do yoga. I would put a film with the projector on the highest wall.

But this winter is getting long and lonely. I couldn’t manage to decorate the attic until I was finally able to invite a friend.

Then, I felt motivated. It had to be a multifunctional room, practical. But with charm. The warm lights, the tapestries, the cushions and the candles give it that bohemian touch that I like so much, but they are easy to keep in a wardrobe and in the wooden chest when you don’t use them. There is nothing worse than impractical decoration that forces you to accumulate twice as much dust.

With the bohemian attic converted into a cosy space, I took out the easel and this past Christmas started to paint again. I hadn’t been doing this for a long time, and I was encouraged by new techniques beyond watercolour. I dusted off my collection of art books, and devoured ideas about the Impressionists and how they used light in their paintings.



I don’t know if it works for everyone, but for me (especially in this very rare winter…) a well-decorated and arranged environment is more inviting to artistic activities.

So I start my creative diary this 2021 by sharing this concept: the environment does a lot to invite creativity or to de-motivate it completely. The light, the sensations that a place generates in us, influences our state of mind and inspiration.


This image and text belong to me.

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