A canvas of forest and flowers: Patricia Uslé and the creative metamorphosis

Patricia is a bioconstruction architect (“Tercera piel bioarquitectura”), but also a designer and craft maker of jewellery.

The first time I saw something of her, I was powerfully struck by the connection between the artpieces and their meaning, between the materials themselves and what the paintings symbolize.


“I usually investigate around the creative metamorphosis of the elements of nature. “

Patricia art her art studio.


-What motivates you to paint?

I have been painting since I was little, it is a way of life, part of my essence and the most primary way for me to channel and transform my energies. It is something born from within and that is the simple force that motivates me.

The materials and canvas are closely related to the theme of each creation, and have a lot of symbolic charge.

Patricia looks for canvas with their own stories: old plates, handmade paper… that already have their value and energy. Throughout her plastic research, she seeks to replicate the processes that occur in life itself. From how together with all of our experiences and those of our ancestors with their own systematic burdens, life prevails and is reborn. Thanks to the powers of transformation our light and color arise, to heal ancient wounds.

That is why she uses elements with a basic historical imprint, in which their cracks, burns, scars… can be seen. And on them she makes her paintings full of color, flowers, and light. It is the set of all this that generates beauty and gives meaning to everything, the same that happens with the soul of a person.

“Alquímica” jewellery

-One last thing, let’s talk about the creative process; which I think is different for each person. I consider it as something very emotional, I at least feel that my state of mind varies with each thing that I create, that I leave “a little of me” along the way.

For Patricia, the creative process is a channel for the emotional and energetic system, where body, mind and heart work fused, with great transforming power. So then, it’s therapeutic and magical. It is for the energies that coexist in life, creative and destructive, to be unblocked in a smooth flow. The creative process is not so much a mirror of the soul, but an active dialogue in another language, loaded with nuances and subtleties that open up the field of perception. In conclusion, she adds:

Tercera Piel Bioarquitectura

“I think it is essential to make the creative process sustainable, circular, coherent and organic. My work, in all its forms, is in contact with nature and how its elements are transformed. So I recycle and reuse. This is born from my own way of living around a philosophy of environmentalism, permaculture and connection with Nature. “


Thank you very much Patricia for this interesting interview, it is a unique point of view and that gives a lot to think about painting and the creative process and its meanings…. To know more, here is her social media and web:





All images belong to Patricia Uslé and have been authorized by her to share them on this blog.

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