inspira, imagina

Las palabras perduran. Conmueven. Nos trasladan. Evocan lugares, texturas, conceptos. Con las palabras tejo mi mundo, esta pequeña comunidad sobre todo lo que considero interesante.

-Relaciono reflexiones y emociones cotidianas con curiosidades culturales y artísticas.

-Te ayudo a desarrollar tu creatividad al máximo en diferentes ámbitos, compartiendo mi propio proceso y creaciones.

-Escribo sobre marketing práctico e imaginativo para pequeñas empresas, creativos y artistas.

-Y sobre artesanía, emprendedores y creativos del mundo; cultura e ideas únicas.

Siéntete libre. Explora, curiosea este arcón digital lleno de tesoros por desenterrar. ¡Y bienvenid@!


Háblame sobre tu marca, proyecto o aquello que deseas que forme parte de esta web en: alhilodelaseda@gmail.com

inspire, imagine

Words endure. They move us. They evoke places, textures, concepts. With words I shred my world, this small community about everything that I consider interesting.

-I relate everyday thoughts and emotions with cultural and artistic curiosities.

-I help you develop your creativity in different areas, sharing my own process.

-Give some imaginative marketing tips for entrepreneurs and artists.

-And I write about crafts, entrepreneurs and creatives of the world; unique culture and ideas.

Feel free. Explore, browse this digital chest full of treasures to unearth. And… welcome!

Tell me about your brand, project or whatever  you want have published in this website at: alhilodelaseda@gmail.com

By the way, “al hilo de la seda” is a pun of spanish words that means  “at the silk thread”.



Thanks to my family and friends for your support, and especially thanks S. for your great photos 🙂



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Endless lists

  The exact moment when an idea begins. What dreams are made of. The second before a caress. All thoughts

A canvas of forest and flowers: Patricia Uslé and the creative metamorphosis

“I usually investigate around the creative metamorphosis of the elements of nature. ”
Patricia is a bioconstruction architect (“Tercera piel bioarquitectura”), but also a designer and craft maker of jewellery.
The first time I saw something of her, I was powerfully struck by the connection between the artpieces and their meaning, between the materials themselves and what the paintings symbolize.

Creative journals, its benefits and where to start

Just as Clara in “The House of the Spirits” had her notebooks to write down life, I have my diaries of feelings. It is not something I’ve been doing for so long, but it was a great discovery. I hope these tips are inspiring to you and if you decide to embrace the habit of creative writing…