Words endure. They move us. They evoke places, textures, concepts. With words I shred my world, this small community about everything that I consider interesting.
Art, crafts, craftsmen and artists. Traveling from a cultural point of view. Fashion, inspiration. All of this with the philosophy of respect for the planet, the basis of everything.

Feel free. Explore, browse this digital chest full of treasures to unearth. And… welcome!


Tell me about your brand, project or whatever  you want have published in this website at: alhilodelaseda@gmail.com

By the way, “al hilo de la seda” is a pun of spanish words that means  “at the silk thread”.



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Roaring Twenties

Candy cotton mornings, sunrises on the rooftops, life is sometimes the best plans and sometimes the absence of them.

Beware the toxic friendships

Stay away from the jealous friends. Of the disrespectful. Of those who judge. Of those who criticize. Of those that

In essence…

🌹We were Gran Vía by the hand, blurred; flashes, lights and traffic lights. In red. We were the last glass