“Accelerated thinking syndrome”: The evil of the century

I recently read an article about this syndrome, which according to psychiatrist Augusto Cury, is one of the biggest problems of our time. He claims that large numbers of people suffer from it on a greater or lesser extent. With this syndrome, the mind skips very rapidly from one thought to the next.
And it is not that it works faster in a good sense of the word, it is that the excess of stimuli, information (partly caused by the digital world) causes us to be thinking hundreds of things at once, moving from one to another.
It’s like having a carousel without a brake of constant thoughts. And we don’t remember or pay true attention to anything. Is this familiar to anyone?

And about the photo, I took it a few years ago in a Turkish dreamy landscape. Do you want to know the story behind it? In the midst of all of us, travelers soaked with overstimuli, taking crazy pictures on that magical hill in eastern Turkey, I saw that woman. The only one of the dozens of people who were there, truly, the only one; that was certainly enjoying the moment.
And I wondered about the thousands of tourists who visit that hill every sunrise with a view of some of the most incredible valleys there are; about how many will be like that woman. Few, very few. Not even me.





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