Haute Couture: Crafts, fantasy…Art!

The term “Haute Couture” refers to the creation of exclusive and unique tailor-made garments. It is done in an artisanal way, without the intervention of sewing machines, with the best qualities in fabrics, finishes and appliques. Careful attention to detail is paid, and the techniques used are complex and must be performed by expert seamstresses.

As a result, the final pieces are authentic works of art.

The first time I had contact with Haute Couture was as a child, was almost without knowing it. Do you know the story “Donkey Skin”? As a child I loved the part where they talked about a dress color of time, color of the moon and color of the sun. I thought, how could that be possible? Magic? Judge for yourselves.

Here I leave you a selection of the best creations of my favorite designers. The techniques  and hours used in each creation are worthy of admiration, as well as each result.

They are like walking in a cloud, wrapping up in storms, capturing the exact brightness of the sun, stopping the wind.



My favorite designs are the biomimetic ones, imitating fascinating shapes, textures and structures of nature.

Although there are also those who interpret history, or art. Such as the amazing reinterpretations of Alexander McQueen or Valentino of period fashions. 

Or the incredible futuristic creations of designers like Iris Van Herpen.

And let’s not forget the appliques, details, accessories and headpieces. Its manufacture is complex, and its amazing designs, essential protagonists of many looks.

Because, in my opinion, to create good fashion is not about disregarding the past; but to rebuild, value, reinvent and innovate. That’s where the real talent is!






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