Art, London, Christmas (Part II)

London at Christmas is a show. From its Christmas markets, its exhibitions (seen in the first post) etc … to its incredible shop Windows displays with artistic montages, which are among the most impressive and famous in the world.






There are specific artistic studies to know how to assemble suitable showcases for the big brands. Centuries-old and well-known brands, located in places that are part of the identity of their respective cities, seek that their shop windows are for something more than to showcase their products. They seek to attract the attention of the public with incredible displays, tell a story. They are a perfect blend of commercial strategy and artistic installation.




The best known are those of Harrods; the world-famous department stores.





We also find amazing window-dressing at Fortnum and Mason stores.


Finally, and for those who love design, I recommend the famous Candem Town market, where you can find practically everything, you just have to take the time to look for it. From antiques and second hand, to innovative and exclusive designs; also full of new artists, designers and creators promoting their products. All in a labyrinthine environment of stalls, shops and street art. A must for all those who like design and fashion!





I am the one who took all of the pictures in this post!

I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve and a prosperous new year!


All photos have been taken by me and belong to me.


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