Art, tradition and fire at the most famous festivity at the city of Valencia

The world is increasingly globalized. Some traditions are lost with the generations, and others should adapt more to the new times. It is not the case of the Fallas of Valencia (Spain). Have you Heard about them?

Kind of a fire purifying ritual, fun and tradition, art, crafts and half a city in flames (controlled). This is how these holidays are summarized. But, what are they?

fallas de valencia ardiendo

They have their origin in the Middle Ages, when the guild of carpenters burned the leftover wood remains in the festive of San José, their patron. Today, giant wood carvings are made consisting of real works of art (called “fallas”) , to be all burned on the last day of the festivities, on March 19, in a ritual known as “la cremà”.


Next, I’ll show you some “fallas” from many years. Which one do you prefer?

falla valenciana de mujer sirena

FALLERAS: Regional costume


Among the spanish regional costumes, in addition to those of Andalusia; my favorite is the one from Valencia, also sometimes called “fallera” costume. Originally inspired by the traditional Valencian peasant costume, it is now an eclectic mix of elements (the headdress reminds us of Iberian hairstyles), embroidery, weavings and cuts whose origin dates back to at least the seventeenth century and dresses reminiscent of nineteenth-century crinolines. fallera-traje-detalles-traditional-custome

The costume of fallera takes its origin in the traditional costume of the Valencian community, but it is not until the 1920s when modifications begin to be added to it and it becomes a tradition more of these festivities; which were formerly composed mainly of men.

falles-falleras-mayores-valencia-custome falleras-valencianasfalleras-moño via

The year 1929 was a turning point for the party because, for the first time, a woman had the role of representing the Fallas of Valencia. This was Pepita Samper, precedent of the major falleras figure. 

The current fallera suit is complex, rich in prints, embroidery and various components. In addition, the hairstyle and accessories are crucially important. Personally, I would not know which one is my favourite. I love them all! They are extremely elegant, colorful and cheerful. I don’t know, maybe the next Disney princess could be from Valencia!

fallera-traje-valenciana-típico vestido-fallera-bonito


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