Autumn Beauty

Palacio de Cristal

“Let’s take advantage of autumn

before winter breaks us down

let’s elbow into the sun

and admire the birds that migrate

now that warms the heart

Even if it’s small and little by little

let’s think and feel

with the old love that we have left

take advantage of the fall

before the future freezes

and there is no place for beauty

because the future turns to frost. ”

Insomnia and sleeplessness, Mario Benedetti.


First it is subtle, a slight tingling, a little breeze, some leaves that fall on the pool, the water that cools.
Then the forests as in flames, and the carpets of golden leaves.
Autumn is here!

This fashion editorial is inspired by this season, both in the choice of its fabrics and its materials, colors and scenarios. Enjoy it!

The images belong to:

Makeup: Rosa Sánchez
Model: Pura Gómez
Photography: Carmen Palomeque
Styling: Al Hilo de la Seda






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