Creative journals, its benefits and where to start

Just as Clara in “The House of the Spirits” had her notebooks to write down life, I have my diaries of feelings. It is not something I’ve been doing for so long, but it was a great discovery. Sometimes i feel inspired; and there I am in the attic surrounded by open pages, cutouts, pens, dried flowers and markers of all colors. I put some background music, and start writing. Or I might come up with ideas all of a sudden as I cook dinner and fill the corner of my notebook with ketchup.

Anyway, fot those of us who like to write it seems easy. But I am of the opinion that we can all develop our creative potential, and of course everyone has something interesting to tell.

What happens is that sometimes it is not easy to find a way. 

In my case, I write down my emotions, feelings or perceptions. But each of us can have a different format and writing language. It is simply about finding your characteristic way of expressing yourself, the one that works for you and with which you feel comfortable. It can be by writing down the fragments of songs, even quotes from movies. Summarizing dialogues, or describing the day from your dog’s point of view.


I believe that the key to success for a creative routine lies in its lack of rigidity. No, I do not write in my diaries every day, or at specific times. I write when I feel like it.  I never force myself to do it.


Here are some benefits of practicing creative writing regularly, or at least those that I have experienced.

A notebook of feelings? Yes, that’s how I call mine. I have never been very “Dear diary, I got up early today …” kind of person, although it is a format that can work for other people. My diaries are chaos, they have no order or almost dates, they have no concrete actions or any description. They have fragments of songs, a nice quote that I saw on a graffiti, an idea that gave me a book, a piece of cloth and a dried flower, a perfume and a plane ticket. I write down feelings.

For any person that is not me, my diaries are don’t make any sense, only I know what each thing means. They are the memory of an emotion.

Anyway, this is just how it works for me, now everyone has their tricks. I propose six easy steps to start a creative journal.

My experience with creative journaling is somewhat chaotic but certainly very productive. I collect old, recycled notebooks, made by me and bought in the most curious places. When I open them, it’s like being transported to other places in my mind. Without a doubt, this have been a discovery for me.

I hope these tips are inspiring to you and if you decide to embrace the habit of creative writing, that it will bring you as much joy as it does to me!

All images are mine.  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


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