Digital art, a door to other worlds

We used to say that cinema was the seventh art. In the digital era, however, new modalities are making their way. Digital art, photography and 3D animations come together creating infinite possibilities; as an opportunity to move to dream worlds and fantastic images in ways and techniques never seen before.

Today on the blog, I interview the artist Jorge Fernández, who tells us a little more about these techniques and his own career.


“Legión”-Jorge Fernández.


1. Hello Jorge! First of all, Can you tell us a bit about what has led you to where you are now?

I have studied 3D animations, games and interactive environments, learning the handling of 3D software and video game creation, among many other things. Before that, I studied an intermediate-level imaging laboratory training cycle, where I learned a lot about the behavior of light, photography, and the process (especially analog) of it, although I also learned about digital photography and had my first approach to digital photo editing.

Photography always caught my attention, since I was little. I wanted to be able to capture transient moments and capture them forever.

“Department of Mysteries” -Jorge Fernández

2. What inspires you? 

I always liked science fiction. The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, manga and anime … When I was a child, whenever I read a book, a universe formed in my head. Authors define the story, but it is you who imagine it on your own way (I guess it happens to everyone). All that imagination is unique, each person imagines in a different way, not only reading, but traveling for example by bus and listening to your music, daydreaming before sleeping, etc.


My greatest motivation is to be able to show everyone what is going through my head, that magical world that we all carry inside. The one that, sometimes, words do not honor. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

“Beware of the ghost”-Jorge Fernández




3. The creative process in digital art is a great unknown to many people, and very interesting for the innovative results that it gives. It has something surreal, it is like a window to other worlds I think. Would you highlight something of the creative process that you follow?

References. And then, more references haha. It all starts with an idea, it can come from watching a movie, reading a book, watching a sunset, or listening to music. The first thing I usually do is write everything that comes to my mind, without a filter. Once you have the main idea well defined, it is very important to look for references. I am very insistent with this, but it can save you from many headaches. A reference is not to copy, it is to understand how something is, in order to create what you want, in your own way.

Once we have the pillars, it is time to face the blank sheet figured in this case). While working on the project, the funniest thing is that you can start thinking that you are going to make a spaceship, and you end up creating something completely different. The creative process, in any field, is always open to change, and it is one of the most beautiful parts of this world.

The software that I use the most is Photoshop and Autodesk Maya, although I am always in constant learning, Houdini, Blender, Cinema4D, Zbrush, … they all have their good and less good things, but there is no definitive software, the important thing is to practice, practice and practice, and feel comfortable with the program, to use it for what it is, tools that allow you to carry out your idea.



Thank you very much Jorge for this interview, it was very interesting! You can see more at:

All images belong to Jorge Fernández and have been authorized by him to be shared here.

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