Dress in “boho” style with this 5 steps!


Bohemian girl with a camel.

The bohemian dressing used to represent someone with determinate characteristics. Nowadays, however, many of us adopt a mixture of certain aesthetics simply because we like them!

Although to tell the truth, the simple fact of choosing a particular aesthetic and not another, says a lot about a person!

Okay, you like bohemian clothes but you do not live as an artist traveling the world and collecting fabrics from all cultures, or in an attic in Paris, a hippie caravan in Arizona; nor have you left everything to do a roadtrip through Morocco and Collect all the fabrics of Marrakech.

But probably, you have a taste for nature and ecology, a certain interest in art and other cultures, and travel whatever is in your power. I’m wrong?

At the end of the post I leave you links to some web pages and blogs that will serve as inspiration.
My theory is that we like certain aesthethics because they represent a part of our personality. And you, do you have gypsy soul?

Dos chicas hippies danzando.

1.Adapt it to your unique style

The essence of this aesthetic is that it does not have very strong rules, and that it gives importance to each one’s personality. As I always say, it is better to have a style of your own and to adopt aesthetics that we like, and not simply follow fashions blindly. Fashion is temporary, style is forever!

Chica en vaqueros y kimono. Boho girl

2.Fabrics from all around the world

The key is to look for natural fabrics such as cotton, wool … Quality garments, if possible handcrafted, ethical and sustainable. The boho style is based on the naturalness and importance of what is handmade. You can always get a cheaper blouse of other materials in any store, but it will not last half or you’ll get the same effect.

On the other hand, in the hippie or bohemian style the mixture of materials and prints predominates. The colors, the fringes, the embroidery. It is an eclectic mix inspired by the textile art of many interesting cultures throughout the world. Be curious, if you know where certain clothes or accessories come from you will know how to use them better.


3.Don’t forget the accesories

The bohemian style mixes part of the hippie style with other aesthetics, and the result could not be more eclectic. Depending on what you like more, it can be more minimalist, somewhat gothic, more functional or decidedly “maximalist”. Choose yours, and do not forget the maxi-necklaces, hats, kimonos, bracelets, rings … They are what add personality to this outfit.

Hippie jewelery (rings, bracelets..) .

4.Your hair blowing in the wind!

Something quite characteristic of the boho style naturality and simplicity. Both in the makeup and in the hair. Wild long hair, undone braids … Choose your favorite! But yes. Nothing too elaborate. That does not mean that it is not overloaded! In many cases, it may be good to interlace flowers, feathers and colored braids; or the use of makeup using body stickers.

Bohemian girl with flowers in her hair.


5.What about the shoes? 

Something we usually forget but that is totally essential in any aesthetic are shoes. While the hippie style was characterized by barefoot, realistically this is usually not very possible. Comfortable and simple shoes are the perfect companion to the rest of the clothing. Boots, sandals or even wedges. Decorated with all kinds of beads, fringes and motifs.
Of course, not sport shoes or too elegant heels!


In my next post I will recommend some brands of clothing that I liked a lot, including several with bohemian style clothes. I hope this have been useful for you!
You can find more similar content in the “fashion” section of the blog. And do not forget to subscribe!


Hippie girl riding a camel.

Girl wearing pink hippie dress

Hippie boho girl with hat

Hippie wanderlust girl

Bohemian girl with long skirt


Boho girl with long skirt













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