These are some of the decorative trends of 2019. And you, which one do you prefer?

It’s possible to make the same room feel different depending on how we decorate it.  According to our personal style, some of us prefer a more minimalist house, others to embellish it with colorful fabrics from all over the world …

Be creative! There is no need to spend a lot if you choose the elements carefully and inspire yourself with couple of good ideas first of all … And, of course, never discard the reused and recycled elements, and DIY!

Here are twelve decor trends. Which one do you prefer?

img_9949 (2)


1. Boho boho

This style is based on the exotic and ethnic textiles, together with colorful furniture, floral motives and a lot of plants. The illumination is soft and warm. 

You can use it on a more profuse way, or more simple one combined with some white. boho chicestiloydeco. com boho


elle mexico boho boho

2. Nordic nordic

The Scandinavian or Nordic decoration is based on simplicity, order and neatness.

White, black and gray are used as tonal bases, in composition with different pastel shades.

Geometric shapes and diaphanous walls contrast with some small details of wood or fur textures in carpets and blankets.

bloglovin. com nordicdelikatissen. com nordic styledelikatissen. com nordic style escandinavo nordic styledelikatissen. com nordic style cocina

3. Tropical tropical decor

Bright colors, prints or wall paintings with exotic motifs such as palm leaves and wild animals … Combined with small indoor palms or other plants that provide that jungle touch.

The counterpoint is the furniture made with natural and rustic materials like bamboo. estilo tropical, tropical tropical


5. Shabby Chic shabby chic

This particular decorative aesthetic mixes restored and second-hand furniture, antique pieces and modern elements in compositions full of charm.

It’s all about dried flowers, bows and romantic details. shabbyshabby chic pinterest shabby shabby chic shabby


6. Industrial

Minimal, clean, clear. In this case, we do not just rely on simplicity. Raw materials are the protagonists (mainly, exposed brick).
The tonal range is not much more than gray, black and white. In addition, the furniture must be industrial and minimalistic. 

Through a well chosen lighting and small green details here and there we add a bit of color to all of it. 


industialdecorideas via

7. Neoclassical classic

It is elegant and luxurious, with rich fabrics such as brocade and velvet and not very strident colors, and elements of Greco-Roman aesthetics.
Details such as chandeliers and gold or silver frames characterize it, in addition to the use of carpets with equally creamy shades and low saturated tones.
We can have a more modern version or add more traditional and expensive elements in some excessive and Rococo variable.

neoclassical classic classic

8. Gothic gothic

Use of visually dense elements. Dark woods, rich fabrics. Opaque dyes such as black and red or more saturated pastels (for a more romantic look). gothic


estilo romántico gothic decor

9 “Chinoiserie chinoiserie

A western interpretation of the Chinese arts and interiors. Present in decorated furniture, wall murals, wallpaper and accessories. chinoiserie chinoiserie

10. Marrakech Dreams arabic

One thousand and one nights styled rooms, with Turkish lanterns, carpets, cushions to sit on the floor … It can be more traditional, or add a futuristic look that reminds us of the Arab Emirates’s style. arabian


modern arabmodern arab decor

11. Kitsch kitch

It’s all madness. Mixes elements and styles profusely, uses the weirdest things as decorative elements… It is distinguished by its psychedelia and its maximalism. kitchkitch kitch

But, what if …? I WANT THEM ALL! The latter is for the indecisive:

Eclectic style eclectico

It consists in the careful mixing of the previous elements, giving a certain harmony to the whole set and adapting it to the particular style. 

Well, with which one would you choose? eclectico

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