Far far away

Chica de espaldas Turquía

The night was black velvet, and I had never been so far from home.

A few minutes before the sky began to turn pink, the sound of prayer expanded its echo throughout the horizon in a million voices.

I was afraid, never in my life had I felt so overwhelmed. Everything was so different and so magical that I seemed to be in a parallel world. 

Chica en Estambul

I’ve never liked to collect stamps in my passport. I love travelling, but it also exhausts me. I do not want to just see things, I want to feel that I have really lived them.

A good destination is like something I taste for years and digest until I’m ready for the next one. And so then, it’s more special …

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And you, do you know the sensation of which I speak, have you ever experienced it?

Sunset at istanbul



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