Go beyond fashion: Opalescent Creatures

Opalescentes criaturas

The word “meta-fashion” means beyond fashion.There are times when fashion joins with art to create wearable art.

And that’s what my next job is about, part of an exercise that they sent us as homework in the university. 

I started looking for inspiration in nature, and then I saw a documentary about the creatures of the deep abysses. They are extremely strange beings, with forms adapted to their difficult environment, and usually with some bioluminescent device





I wanted to do my work inspired by the colors, lights and bone structures of these fascinating creatures. I have used a structure created with silicone and integrated LED lights, and painted with an iridescent paint in nacre tones.


Bioluminescence is present in nature, and who knows; perhaps we find how to imitate its natural processes and use it in the fashion of the future.


All pictures taken by me.

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