Byzantine costume that you can use for New Year’s Eve



Mujer estilo bizantino elegante alta costura
Dolce and Gabbana 2013


The history of clothing is rich and varied throughout the globe, and good designers know that it is important to know it in order to reinvent it.

Fashion is transitory, style is eternal. And there is no better style than the one that mixes two things: knowing where to take inspiration and adapting inspiration to one’s own criteria.

The Byzantine Empire was immensely rich and prosperous, and culturally unique.

Its art (characterized by the mosaics) is recognizable by its polychrome and striking style; which is reflected in the clothing too.

The Byzantine costume is an interesting mixture of the east and the west; with a part of the legacy of Rome and the sumptuousness and wealth of Persia.

Byzantine fabrics were well known and appreciated, drawing attention in Western Europe for its exotic silks, unusual colors and rich embroidery.

Some haute couture maisons such as Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander McQueen have made collections inspired by Byzantium.





VOGUE Accessory december issue 2013. Still life photographer Massimo Gammacurta


1. Characteristics of the Byzantine costume:

-Rigid forms.
-Eastern influence.
-Rich fabrics like silks and velvets.
-Garments profusely ornamented and embroidered.
-Use of maniakis, maxi-necklaces of precious stones.




via vogue-uk dolce and gabbana 2013 2014



2. How to wear it nowadays: 

-Silk or satin fabrics and velvets.
-Use of the golden color in fabrics or accessories.
-Cloth profusely embroidered and printed.
– Large earrings, mainly gold.
-Maxi-necklaces. They are not difficult to make at home.
-Diademas of rhinestones inspired by the ancient Byzantine crowns.
– Belts of rhinestones.
-Kimono or kaftan.
-Braided hairstyle. 
– Prints or printed dresses.
-The key is to adapt this style to your own tastes and particularities.


chanel paris-byzance pre-fall 2011 hair makeup



Dolce and Gabbana

3. Style keys: 

-Do not gather too many elements. If one is striking, the rest must be simple to maintain elegance in the final outfit. 
-Combine it all with a modern and simple touch like jeans, a basic skirt or high boots.
-It is a style that can go better for parties, night outings and festive environments.


My advice, as I always say; is to try to use or customize clothes that we already have. And if not, go to a second-hand website or shop ( or or directory of fair trade clothing, before buying something at any store. And of course, adapt these ideas to each one’s own style.

Never follow trends or ideas blindly without giving them our personal touch!

Have a happy New Year’s Eve.






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