It’s called Calm and cost me many storms.

A great thought, and my new personal manifesto.

“It’s called Calm and cost me many storms.

It’s called Calm and when it disappears … I go back to your search.

It’s called Calm and teaches me to breathe, to think and rethink.

It’s called Calm and when the madness tempts it unleashes strongs winds that cost to dominate.

It’s called Calm and comes with the years, when the ambition of young, the loose tongue and cold belly give rise to more silence and more wisdom.

It’s called Calm when you learn well to love, when selfishness gives place to giving, and nonconformity it fades to open heart and soul surrendering whole to whoever wants to receive and give.

It’s called Calm when the friendship is so sincere that all the masks fall and everything can be told.

It’s called calm and the world evades it, ignores it, inventing wars that nobody will ever win.

It’s called Calm when the silence is enjoyed, when the noises are not only music and madness but the wind, the birds, the good company or the noise of the sea.

It’s called Calm and with nothing it can be paid, there is no coin of any color that can cover its value when it becomes a reality.

It’s called Calm and cost me many storms, and I’ll transitory a thousand times more to find it again.

It’s called calm, I enjoy it, I respect it and I do not want to let it go.”


Dalai Lama.

This image belongs to me.

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