The fable, the Goddess and bad friendships.

Someone great told me this fable after seeing something like that on real life, and I think it is an interesting reflection. Thanks, D.! Read it and tell me what you think. Can it be applied to any situation that you have really lived? Work, couples, family, friends … It seems to me a useful reflection on valuing certain things and people as they deserve, although it can be applied to infinite moments of daily life. As the saying says, one bird in hand is better than a hundred flying.


“One cold stormy day a Goatherd drove his Goats for shelter into a cave, where a number of Wild Goats had also found their way. The Shepherd wanted to make the Wild Goats part of his flock; so he fed them well. But to his own flock, he gave only just enough food to keep them alive. When the weather cleared, and the Shepherd led the Goats out to feed, the Wild Goats scampered off to the hills.

“Is that the thanks I get for feeding you and treating you so well?” complained the Shepherd.

“Do not expect us to join your flock,” replied one of the Wild Goats. “We know how you would treat us later on, if some strangers should come as we did.”


Old friends cannot with impunity be sacrificed for new ones.

It is unwise to treat old friends badly for the sake of new ones.”-Aesop’s Fables.

The images are from a Valentino collection inspired by the Greek Goddesses. It transmits to me pure elegance, beauty, power and strength. Sublime, in my opinion. Valentino’s Haute Couture designs tend to be. I recommend them if you are looking for art, fashion and legend walking hand in hand.


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