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México a Colores: Artesanía de México


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The art of forest bathing

Forests, those mysterious environments to which almost magical properties have been attributed since ancient times, origin of legends and mythological creatures, revered and mistreated in equal parts. What do we really know about the magnificent creatures that inhabit them, the trees?

New books, new paths

Reading opens mental doors to other realities, helps to cross necessary bridges without return, molds the mind and expands it. Honestly, I have left many books unfinished in my life.

15-10-2021- Attic Studio

¿Si pudieses sin más borrar a alguien que te ha hecho daño, aunque también borrases los buenos recuerdos, lo harías?

Digital art, a door to other worlds

Before it was said that cinema was the seventh art. In the digital age, however, new modalities are making their way as an opportunity to move to dream worlds. Techniques and prints never seen before.