Liquid Sunlight and Zen toughts


Golden light is my favorite. I miss it in these cloudy days, like that summer afternoon that slipped through the blinds to get through my glass of lemonade. Whenever I see something like that, simple but precious in an instant, I remain thoughtful and feel relaxed.

Today, illustrated with this photo that I like to call “Loquid Sunlight”, I leave you ten Zen teachings of the teacher Ejo Takata, to remember in the gray and stormy days.

1. “You are the cause of what opposes you. There is no opposition outside of you. ”
2. “The only law in the universe that is not subject to change is that everything changes, everything is ephemeral.”
3. “Now a tremendous rain falls. Now appreciate the noise of that rain. ”
4. “What you need, look for it in what you have.”
5. “Forget your pride. And learn from others as much as you can. ”
6. “When you break the mirror you will be able to look at yourself.”
7. “There is no way to capture the moon in the river current.”
8. “Today is done yesterday. Today is done tomorrow. Yesterday and tomorrow are done today. ”                                                                                 9. “Do not be afraid to move slowly, just fear staying in one place.”
10. “Not doing anything is doing something.”


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