“México a colores”, the initiative oriented to promote crafted textiles 


I have always loved fashion and art, but I have to thank my mother for making me interested in solidarity and teach me to care about more than just beauty. That is why I started to research initiatives that supported crafts and were an alternative to the  “fast-fashion” industry. And so I found the wonderful idea that I’m going to talk about next.

“México a Colores” is a project aimed at supporting the local crafts created by Tania (Tan) Iduarte.


Tan Iduarte graduated in Marketing in Mexico. However, it seemed to her that the career was focused on a business sector dominated by the big brands that, according to her words, do not usually give importance to the products and services seeking a social good.

Tan Iduarte

In addition, due to her mother’s influence, she has always had a very close relationship with fashion and great love for handicrafts. Her style is elegant, giving all the attention to a single special piece on a more minimalist outfit.

Therefore, and guided by her concern to put into practice what she had learned and her interest in the culture of her country, she wanted to set up a small space on the Internet where she could communicate the social value of projects that would work to promote local crafts. It took her more than a year to reach this conclusion, but thanks to her husband’s unconditional support for the idea, she ended up deciding to open a space where she could write about her ideas. 


She defines “Mexico a colores” as a space where she shares Mexican design brands and handmade textiles. “I like to think that my blog is a space where I maintain a communication with all the people who, like me, seek to make visible the important work of preservation of techniques and stories that lie around textiles.”
Crafts are facing many threats. Tan Iduarte emphasizes that the main one is, in her opinion, misinformation, and that is why it is important to write about it.


As a conclusion, she shares her vision of sustainable fashion and its future. In Tan’s opinion and seeing the current environmental problems, sustainable consumption is already a necessity. Instead of buying many low quality garments; It is good investment to acquire less but more durable, with more personality (what she calls the “added value”, which is the history behind each garment) and certainly with higher quality.
Images provided by Tan Iduarte from his Instagram account. Thanks for your time! 🙂 

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