New books, new paths


Hi! I’m back. I’ve been thinking about some concepts of the blog and I’m going to change some things and start talking about new topics, always related to creativity and culture.

It’s been a long winter, maybe the longest of my life. I have tried to make the best out of it, to learn new things and acquire some general culture. In the process of looking for new readings, I found this gem.

I had never read this classic that I found full of dust in a forgotten corner at home. The magnificent illustrations are by Gustavo Dore.

Regardless of religion, lifestyle or mentality it is worth reading. By the way, there is a movie half inspired by this supernatural universe of the afterlife imagined by Dante, “What Dreams May Come”, starring Robin Williams, which I really recommend watching as well.

Reading opens mental doors to other realities, helps to cross necessary bridges without return, molds the mind and expands it. Honestly, I have left many books unfinished in my life.

Not all of them are the right one for a person or at the right time. Choosing them is a complex art, to be perfected little by little.

I leave you a compilation of those that, beyond entertaining me for a while, have generated and answered questions in my mind, created conflicts and opened new paths. They have surprised me, they have stirred something in me. Hoping that some of them will surprise you as well and help expand your mind and motivate new ways of thinking, as they did to me.

-Shinrin Yoku Francesc Miralles.

-The Secret Life of Trees.

-Cows, pigs, wars and witches: the enigmas of culture.

-Storytelling: Magic Writing.

-The Spiritual Awakening Process

-Archetypes and collective unconscious.

-Inhabiting a cyclical body: Guide to reconnect with your body wisdom.

-Assertiveness For Extraordinary People.


By the way, I’m a bit tired of IG, I don’t want to have to publish for the sake of publishing, I want to publish content that has real meaning for me and with which I consider that I bring you something of value. If you decide to follow me, keep that in mind.




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