“Nudo francés” and wild embroidery

I’ve always liked artisans who explore new combinations of materials, colors and sensations; linking them to a good technical backround.

The term wild embroidery has caught my attention since I heard it, and that is why today I bring the artist and craftswoman Javiera Ballacey to this blog. To tell us a little more about this technique that has piqued my curiosity, and her own creative process.

1. How would you define yourself, briefly, as an artist?

As a restless, curious, brave woman, who is not afraid to experience or show her inner world through her work. It is what I foment in my students as a teacher and creative coach, since art is an expression of the soul and, creative development, the best tool I know to lead a fuller and happier life.

2. What is  wild embroidery about ? Could you tell me a little more?



Wild Embroidery is the name by which I define my own visual language.

It is a personal style in which I combine the disciplines of embroidery with thread and precious stones in a free, disruptive and intense way, very faithful to traits that are part of my personality. It was born in a super natural organic way and after years of study and technical training, which gave me confidence to melt the materials in a harmonious but at the same time chaotic way.

“You have to know the rules to be able to break them,” is a bit of my mantra.

Today I see this technique as a son, he is part of me, the result of a mixture of emotions and influences that I was finally able to bring to light after years of working as a journalist behind a desk, following the social and corporate canons that are imposed on us. The world in which we live.

3. What is your favorite part of the whole process?

The choice of materials for each project! Surrounding myself with them is what I love the most in the world, and choosing them for each design is like a cathartic process of enlightenment and complete happiness. I imagine it is like when a perfumer elaborates a fragrance and chooses each one of the components, hypnotizing itself with the different aromas and imagining the finished result.
For me, there is nothing better than that.


4. What has led you to where you are now? (studies, trips, a dream you have since you were a child…).

There are several things: First, I think personal interests such as curiosity, courage, and the belief that a creative life is happier and more fulfilling. Second, a visual universe riddled with influences, collected through travel and surrounding myself with what appeals to me aesthetically. Also a lot of study (in Chile, my country, and abroad), in order to materialize my ideas the way I want. And finally, the conviction that I can do what I love, and live from it. There are many things that I think can be summed up in one sentence: not being afraid to pursue my dreams. It is what I want most for the world and what I seek to transmit in my classes and in each of my messages through social media. 

5. One last question, what would you say is the main inspiration for your creations?

Art in its different forms (from the classical to the current urban world), colors and fashion. All my works have elements taken from some of those worlds, which are by far the richest and most influential for me.
Interesting! A philosophy of creative life to take as an example, no doubt. Thanks for the interview, Javiera.


Know more about the artist at:



Bordado Salvaje


All images belong to Javiera from  “Nudo Francés” and I have been allowed to share them in my blog and social media with this interview.

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