Creative journals, its benefits and where to start

Just as Clara in “The House of the Spirits” had her notebooks to write down life, I have my diaries of feelings. It is not something I’ve been doing for so long, but it was a great discovery. I hope these tips are inspiring to you and if you decide to embrace the habit of creative writing…


The fable, the red thread and the bad relationships

This is something useful for everyday situations… Family, Friends, Work. There are people and places that fade away from our life for one reason or anoher. And some persons and situations are tangled to our destiny somehow…


Sweet doing nothing

Without respecting the silences, a good song loses its meaning. Everything in life is a balance of excesses and absences. I think we cannot exist in a constant marathon, and time cannot be mastered. Sometimes, it must be allowed to flow between flickers, thoughts and sighs, at your own pace.


Roaring Twenties

Candy cotton mornings, sunrises on the rooftops, life is sometimes the best plans and sometimes the absence of them.


In essence…

🌹We were Gran Vía by the hand, blurred; flashes, lights and traffic lights. In red. We were the last glass


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