Cobwebs Manor

It was home, it was disaster; streams of icy air and slamming doors. Let’s say it has been an era


Skin and Prejuice

To put labels on people is somehow like with clothes. They are itchy  and are unnecessary. As long as you


Wrong trains and impossible paths

You’re nothing. You’re everything. The train moves, not taking us to the station that it should. It turns out that it doesn’t stop there. North and south, changes and aces.
Up my sleeve. My life is the train. The one who left without me…


Far far away

The night was black velvet, and I had never been so far from home. A few minutes before the sky


Kahlo: Fabrics from Mexico

“Nothing is absolute. Everything changes, everything moves, everything revolves, everything flies and goes away.” ― Frida Kahlo.


Autumn Beauty

“Let’s take advantage of autumn before winter breaks us down let’s elbow into the sun and admire the birds that


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