Sissi, the Empress that wanted to be free


Sissi’s personality was unusual for her time. I’ve always found her fascinating, and also tought some aspects of her personality are somehow similar to mine. Not just the sugarcoated versión seen on the films, but the real one I’ve read on books about her biography.

She was born in Munich, as the daughter of Duke Maximilian of Bavaria, on December 24, 1837; and grew up with her family in Possenhofen Castle, on the shores of Lake Starnberg. She spent her young years between the wild places that surrounded the castle, very in touch with nature and with a freedom that few girls of her class and condition enjoyed. At seventeen, however, her life took an unexpected turn for which no one had prepared her: to become Empress of Austria by her marriage to her cousin, the Emperor of Austria.

Back on her time, she was already famous. But very misunderstood. She tought in a different way, she was unique and perhaps one of the only ones to see she was living the end of an era. She was a free spirit. Loved classic culture, poetry and to travel.


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