Sweet doing nothing


Il dolce far niente, is a popular Italian saying; which responds to a philosophy of enjoying free time simply without doing anything specific. Lie in bed, look at the clouds. Let time run, imagination fly, body calm. Recreate the sweet feeling of doing nothing. Not as something generic in life, but to relax from time to time is something very positive.

Why is it so frowned upon? The baroque goes from mere aesthetics to being a lifestyle. We live supersaturated, also from activities. Without respecting the silences, a good song loses its meaning. Everything in life is a balance of excesses and absences. I think we cannot exist in a constant marathon, and time cannot be mastered. Sometimes, it must be allowed to flow between flickers, thoughts and sighs, at your own pace.

It seems that doing nothing does not exist in our vocabulary. Quickly, we fill the free time with hundreds of activities at a stressful pace. And, of course, they must be embodied in social media; which instead of serving as a dissemination of ideas and contact with other people, are a double-edged sword that intensifies this suffering of demonstrating how much we do with our free time. Or I see it that way. Of course it isn’t always like that. 
It is one thing to do activities because we like them, but we have reached the point where it seems obligatory not to stop for a second, to stress even with leisure time!

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