Szter Solís: Handmade dreams

Esther Solís was born an artist. She started painting in oil at the age of 6, and considers that she has always had a sensitive and creative part that has been perfected with his studies.

“Some artists are born, others are made”.

She started her brand between 2012 and 2013, choosing to create the firm and have the team located in Mexico due to the large number of artisans in the country; capable of doing extraordinary things. The brand is still in the growth stage, but it has had a presence on international platforms such as Intermodal and Fashion Week.


-In your creations we observe a remarkable reference to biology, specifically in flowers and plants, which come to life in rich embroidery and textures. In what ways does nature inspire you, such as flowers?

My parents are pharmaceutical-biological chemists, they are both passionate about what they do. My mother is on the path to health and my father on research, so botany and biology were never unknown to me, and it is something I transfer to my dresses. Nature has infinite shapes, textures, volumes and colors.

“Flowers never go out of style and will always be our main axis to create a fantasy in our minds. That is why my work is like a dream, I enjoy it every day of my life”

-What artistic, cultural and historical aspects do you take as a reference?

In a certain way, we try to ensure that culture is present in every dress. It can be an inspiration or admiration for some artist, movement, place or the embroidery and dyeing techniques of artisan traditions that we use and leave in each garment.


-It can be seen that to make any of your designs takes many hours of work, what is your favorite part of the process?

Indeed the process is long and I will tell you a little about it:
First we define the client, occasion and theme. Then comes research and analysis, inspiration, moodboards, colorimetry; later the design and drawing the possibilities until I have two that I fall in love with and so I get to the chosen design.
Next, we begin to make the patterns from scratch with the measurements and heights of the woman who will carry it and we carry out a previous corroboration. Then we cut, model, treat the fabrics for the different finishes, dye the necessary materials, make and make the finishes.

The next part of the process is the fitting, after which we make adjustments if necessary. And on this, the ornament details are already being made, whether they are thread, painted, dyed, with precious stones, crystals etc … (There are details that need to be placed before making the garment. It depends on each design. ) To finish, comes cleaning, ironing and revision.
And now there is only the final fitting where it is clearly seen how the beauty that each woman possesses by nature is highlighted.

I consider that my work is done when the vision that I have about the final outfit of each woman comes to life, and we highlight that which makes her unique, different; that that often goes unnoticed but that makes it “look great” and not everyone can appreciate it.
Answering your question what would be my favorite process: it would be the final fitting where you can see the satisfactory fruits of all the work, without a doubt.

Thank you very much, Esther for this post about your brand. Esther Solís is currently working on a new collection and brand, inspired by iconic women, Mexican design and crafts; all this under the slow fashion philosophy recycling waste of natural fibers that the textile industries throw away. That is why they are absolutely unique pieces. The name of the new project is Asonante, and its launch is scheduled for next summer. Look for more about Esther’s brand and her new projects in the links below:

All images belong to Esther Solís, and I have been authorized by the same to share them to illustrate this interview.


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