The 3 pillars of Digital Marketing

Today, from my personal (and professional) experience I am going to give you a couple of tips to effectively create or improve the social networks of a small brand, business or personal blog. They are simple, brief, but highly effective. And, word, paying little attention to the essential bases of Internet marketing can have very significant consequences.

1. The first step is to ask yourself. What are your social networks for? Informative, do you want to make sales through them, link to the website …? Determining a main objective (or several) will help to choose in which networks to publish, what specific days at week…

2. Define your style and public. It is essential, and at the beginning it usually costs a bit. But a well-defined brand style leads to a specific target audience; and has more chance of success. Do you publish about art, about your fashion firm, fitness plans? And the kind of photographs, are they very retouched, natural, colorful …? Is the content academic, or do you use a more informal language? Without being too rigid, a consistency on your page is highly recommended. Studying the type of audience you want to address will help to narrow down the possibilities a bit. Think about whether you are national or international, young, with certain ideas or tastes …

3. The third and final advice of today is to stay true to your essence. This means that there is content that you should not publish if you want to achieve certain objectives. Do not deviate from your path, and be consistent with the previous points. Try to avoid everything that goes out of style, target and previously established purposes.

Of course, there is never an unique and perfect formula for success. Or I at least, I don’t believe that. I believe that things should be taking shape and flowing depending on the characteristics of the moment, that there are schemes or tactics that work for some people and not for others; And of course, if you don’t enjoy what you do, that will be reflected in your work.
So, the most important thing is to put a little of yourself in it, and create something unique and representative, having fun in the process!

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