The art of storytelling and connecting with the brand’s target

Storytelling can be used by a brand to present products according to which it is sold beyond the mere product: rather it is selling a covered need, a sensation, a unique emotion.

Creative marketing, in my opinion, only works with brands whose value proposition is good in itself. If not, it works the first time (if the brand narrative is very good), but nobody comes back a second time. On the other hand, if a good storytelling is put together with the in-depth knowledge of the target audience or target we are addressing, and a quality value proposition; chances are that not only will you be successful once, but customers will remember the brand and turn to it often.

So why is someone going to look specifically at my product?

-Because it transmits something unique. A know-how, an identity. It is associated with specific emotions and sensations.

-This is done through a correct brand narrative. The brand has a clear history, identifies with certain well-defined parameters, stands out and is unique and easily remembered. 

-It is not about selling the product objectively, but its subjective characteristics, and focus on it the language to be used in advertising and social media. 

To finish, here is an example of a good storytelling or brand narrative. Imagine a brand that makes handmade toys for kids. 

Now, there are two possible ways to sell these products. 

1.Cheap. Buy here toys handmade. 

2. Sell the soul of the product, attract the real customer with emotions, feelings, surprise.



The first case, fails to stand out against the many existing  brands, and at least in my case, won’t even look at the ad. On the other hand, the second one already makes us connect with the soul of the brand… and it certainly does not leave us indifferent.


So then, brand narrative is about the best way to highlight its value proposition, differentiate it, make it unique and know how to transmit its essence well.

This is achieved through creative narrative in ads, social media … these quotes are called “copywriting”, and it is the next concept of creative marketing that will be discussed in this blog.

I hope I have contributed my grain of sand. In closing, no advertising technique is good if it is not honest. The first step is to be selling something really good and the sincerity when it comes to presenting it. If you want to sell an artisanal or luxury product but it is not such, as much as the brand narrative is good or even highly persuasive, the deception falls under its own weight. And it is much more interesting to have fewer customers but really in love with your products than to fool someone but then have a lousy reputation.

The last key, beign original. Neither copying the corporate identity and brand narrative of other companies, nor simply making all those in the sector the same en masse, will have the same results as creating something unique, original, honest and based on legitimate own work.


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