The women of Art Nouveau and Alfons Mucha


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Poster designer with an unique style that created new trends in architecture, painting and decoration. It revolutionized feminine art and aesthetics.

Alfons Mucha was a Czech painter and decorative artist, widely recognized for being one of the greatest exponents of Art Nouveau.
The aesthetics of Mucha’s illustrations are based on women with very long hair, dressed in tunics or long and suggestive dresses full of folds and drapes and adorned with colorful flowers. They are illustrations of rounded shapes, very colorful and full of natural elements such as flowers, lianas …
He also uses exoticism, and several of his images show us sensual women. Some may wear items inspired by Asian kimonos, or reminiscent of Arab clothing.

File:Alfons mucha, moët et chandon, 1899 (richard fuxa fundation ...


We also find inspiration in Byzantine clothing and mosaics, and geometric motifs formed by tesserae often appear in the illustrations. Another of the characteristics shown in art nouveau or modernism (current of which Mucha is one of the greatest representatives) is the absence of realism in some cases.

Stylized, pictorial forms appear. With painting and illustration, the aim is to evoke reality in a fantastic way, not to represent it as it is. Personally, he is one of my favorite illustrators. It represents a sensual but not explicit, romantic and exotic woman and her illustrations are loaded with color and beautiful plants and flowers.


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His work rose to fame when he designed the illustration for the “Gismonda” with the famous Sara Bernhardt as the protagonist. The actress loved the style of the poster, and what was until then a humble illustrator, became worldwide known.
He ended up also producing lamps, rugs, sets, paintings …

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